To obtain best results, use 1/2 ounce of formula for every 20 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel. In order to mix properly, formula should be added to the tank prior to dispensing fuel. Over treating will not increase results.

* For Ethanol or Bio-blended fuels, an initial double dosage of 1 ounce of formula per 20 gallons of fuel in recommended. The standard 1/2 ounce to every 20 gallons of fuel ratio should be used for subsequent refueling.

To use:

– Remove lid and seal from built-in measuring device
– Gently squeeze bottle until formula fills measuring device to the ½ oz. mark
– Pour liquid into fuel tank
– Dispense fuel
– Tightly reseal bottle to avoid leakage

For best results, allow up to 30 minutes for mixture to combine. Use formula each time you fuel up for optimal results and continued savings.*

•Results can vary depending on temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, initial fuel quality and the blending method.

DieselFusion and PetrolFusion works in a two part process; first by enhancing the fuel for a more efficient fuel burn, second by cleaning and micro-lubricating internal engine components. Significant results are common after the third fuel treatment. Reported consistently are smoother running engines, faster acceleration with less exhaust emissions and increased fuel economy. Numerous customers have also reported significant reductions of water contamination in their marine diesel fuel tanks after continuous use. With some patients, you will be rewarded with increased fuel savings and a cleaner running engine with continued use.